Within the Nigerian Educational climate, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) is underrepresented at the early child education level. Despite this fact, STEM careers continue to be the most sort after and lucrative across the globe. In order to change the narrative and give the African child a chance to compete with their cohorts at a global level, STEM needs to be introduced early. Child psychologists and experts over the years have stated that early childhood is the perfect time for children to be introduced to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through play and educational curriculum. While most Parents have continued to look for ways to introduce their children to science, technology, engineering and Math (STEM), some do not see the need due to the preconceived notion that it’s too hard or advanced for a younger child. 

However, children have continued to prove that they are both confident and competent learners. Don’t be the parent that places limitation on their children because of the fear of failure, but children do not see failure rather an opportunity to create new ways, acquire new knowledge and bring to life their imagination to its fulfilment. Truthfully, introducing children to STEM at an early learning stage through STEM toys ingrain in them a sense of confidence, teaching them that math and science are conquerable subjects that they can learn and excel in. When they master a science or engineering tool or game, they are filled with the confidence they can succeed in this area and aren’t afraid to explore it later in life. According to Harvard education expert, Tony Wagner, it is imperative that we as parents and educators allow children to become “creative problem solvers”. Rivetrix STEM toys provides children the opportunity to be creative, critical thinkers and innovators in their own world while they play. 

Evolutionary psychologist Peter Gray, stated that “free play, where children are allowed to play on their own with limited adult intervention, allows them the freedom to test their limits, discover new things, figure out how to interact with others, fail and bounce back, and solve problems.” All these children are able to achieve if given access to a good STEM toy at early age in life.

 Rivetrix  STEM toys  are aimed at developing skills like, creativity, logic, problem solving, experimentation, and collaboration which are all skills that a child needs to succeed in all types of academic and professional pursuits, in STEM and beyond and they are hard to lose even in old age. Moreover, Rivetrix STEM toys are fun and research have indicated that toddlers find toys that can help them learn preferable to other toys.


  • Introduces children to Various Sciences—STEM toys are a remarkable way for children to sharpen their fundamental, lifelong interests in science as young as 3. They’re a great way to introduce the knowledge and idea that there are many different disciplines within STEM, and that they can be fun and interesting. That magnetic tile/block toy could inspire a future astronaut or civil engineer. That creative mosaic drill set could kick things off for a someday technical engineer. That a child’s magnetic toy might one day be all it takes to set that child up for his/her future working on the International Space Station. Allowing children the opportunity to explore various disciplines early makes them feel unconfined by expectation and social demands but gives them freedom.
  • Makes Learning Fun—It’s a fundamental rule of parenting and education that the best way to teach is to make you’re teaching fun! STEM toys help children view science as fun, freedom and discovery. Whether it’s building complex and intricate structures with magnetic tiles/blocks, marble race run and creative mosaic drill set, STEM-focused toys are always enjoyable to play with. It also helps young children connect learning and problem solving with pleasure and pride, a connection that they will carry throughout their lives.

  • Encourages Creativity and Critical Thinking— Like any play session, using in a STEM-focused toy helps introduce children to the process of creative decision-making. Perhaps more than any other type of  toy, a STEM toy introduces children to different ways and demonstrates how each decision made triggers a different outcome. This of course encourages both creativity and critical thinking, while giving children the tenacity to carefully experiment.
  • Teach Motor Skills and Coordination— as educators and parents, we always think about STEM toys as stimulators for the mind, but they’re also very good at helping younger children develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This is one of the reasons why STEM-focused toys are especially ideal during early childhood education. Watching children play with building blocks and tiles, one will notice them becoming more confident physically and intellectually at the same time.
  • Brings the Whole Family Together—One important thing about STEM toys is that they often require the collaboration of both parent and children and are a great way to bring together the whole family for some learning-based fun. We encourage parents to find fun time in playing together with their children, this is not only fun for the children but also provides an opportunity for parents to develop stronger bond with their children.  
  •  Appeals to All Kinds of Children—In today’s racially biased, stereotypical and patriarchal world, women and minorities are well underrepresented in STEM occupations. We know that white race especially men have dominated this field primarily due to centuries-old cultural standards and expectations, but now that the doors have been kicked wide open for women and minorities, it is imperative that our children regardless of their gender enjoys the opportunity and possibility of becoming a leader in the science, technology and engineering sector in future. Study shows that at a global level, just 26% women holds a position in STEM. Exposing children to STEM at their early childhood lets them know that there is no subject that they cannot conquer—even the ones that were historically off-limits to them— also helps to build a more inclusive educational system.



STEM Is for Everyone. What STEM toys do is break down boundaries and challenge stereotypes, from the idea that girls can’t be scientists, engineers, technological experts to the perception that math and creativity don’t mix. The most appealing facts about STEM is that it’s truly limitless—there’s so much for future generations to discover, and it is our duty to set them up for success no matter what! 

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